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Bring Back Family Game Night!




NO WAY? My parents/grandparents were right? Seems that FAMILY GAME NIGHT has benefits for child development according to A few too many years ago, when there were no electronic distractions, families would gather round the table and interact with each other and it actually had some perks.

Board games are good for motor skills, helps boost grades, enhances problem solving skills, and all while bonding and having some FUN.

The Port St. John Community Foundation wants to bring back those days and also promote pride in our community.

Based on the forever popular Monopoly game we will start selling board properties to Port St. John businesses, schools, churches, banks, etc.
to make our very own PORTSTJONOPOLY game.


Show your support for our community and GET ON BOARD.
Buy one for yourself, give as a gift or even sell in your business.
It will be something to hand down to future generations.
We have already sold a few spots, so grab yours before they are all gone.

Visit to read more about the benefits.


PSJ Community Foundation

PSJCF partners with businesses, churches, and schools to help make Port St. John the family friendly community we all love.

Community Events

Red, White & Bags Corn-hole Tournament, PSJCF Golf Classic, TOIR, Fay Lake FestiFALL, Thunder Fun Run 5k, Christmas Parade and more to come!

Family Traditions

We love Port St. John! Our residents and businesses are proud of our community. We hope to help bring families together and start traditions.


The Port St. John Community Foundation (PSJCF) is a public charity serving the residents and businesses of Port St. John and Brevard County. Established in 2019 by founders Andrew Procell (Freedom Air & Plumbing), Tia Mahan (MAG Aerospace & Space Coast Panthers Youth Football and Cheerleading ), and Randy Rodriguez (Coldwell Banker Realty and HAPPENINGS magazine) the PSJCF  is maintained by dedicated community volunteers. The Port St. John Community Foundation in partnership with our generous sponsors, are building resources that serve our community.

The community events held throughout the year are supported by fund-raisers and donations from businesses and residents. Everyone is welcome to participate in events and meetings. Our vision is to bring the community of Port St. John together for growth, success,  and to enhance the well-being of present and future generations.


The foundation is looking for students to volunteer for our events for hours towards their Bright Future Scholarships.

Events hosted by the PSJ Community Foundation include, but are not limited to:

Thunder Fun Run 5-K (Spring)

Red, White and Bags Cornhole Tournament (Spring)

TOIR Golf Classic (Spring)

Thunder Over the Indian River (Summer)

Fay Lake FestiFALL (Fall)

Port St John Christmas Parade (Winter)

For more information on these events, please visit our Events page.


The Port St John community is not eligible to receive a municipal share of revenue-sharing funds necessary to hold events specific to our community as other incorporated cities in Brevard County receive. The Port St. John Community Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to raise the necessary funds that if we were incorporated would be received from the county. We depend on donations and sponsorship to hold events throughout the year.

PORTSTJONOPOLY is a FUNdraiser to support the many events and projects planned for our community.

There are many ways to show your community support and be part of our events. We appreciate all our volunteers/members who help with some or all events. You can contribute monetarily, donations, and volunteering time and services. We support all community schools, churches and businesses that make PSJ STRONG.


For more information on becoming a sponsor click here and visit our Sponsors page.

Thank You to these Community Champion Sponsors!



The PSJCF invites your organization to participate in our effort to develop an Opoly game for the Port St. John community. The Port St. John Community Foundation is now selling properties for the PORTSTJONOPOLY board game.

The properties will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We will be purchasing and selling 1,000 boards,so this is a great opportunity for local vendors to be recognized within the community. The price of the properties varies according to the type and location around the board.
With each purchase of a spot on the board, you will receive a courtesy game.

If by chance two parties purchase the same property, we will mark that spot SOLD as soon as we receive payment and  the party to send payment first will be given that property space.

And do not forget when you buy a property it is a tax deductible donation.



Card Deck A-$600 or Card Deck B-$600
This representation includes identity on the back of all 14 playing cards in the deck and on the board three times

Property Spaces 1-22 $200-$1,000
This representation includes a space on the game-board and on the deed card
Silhouettes (4)-$300
Utilities (2)- NOT AVAILABLE

4 Corner Spaces-$400-$500
This representation includes a space on the board
Property Tax Space-$150
Car Fine Space-$150

****Other Revenue Opportunities

Representation on game money-To be determined
Name only options (No logo)-To be determined



Start Space-$500 Dicandio Allstate
Property 1-$200 Lisa's Barbershop
"A" Card Space 1-$400  
Property 2-$200 Keller Williams
Property Tax-$150 All Air & Heat
Silhouette 1-$300 Higginbotham Co
Property 3-$300 The Spaur Team
"B" Card Space 1-$400  
Property 4-$300 LazeNgrave
Property 5-$300 Bollinger Family
Penalty Space Brigdawgs
Property 6-$350 HAPPENINGS
Utility 1-$350 Freedom Air
Property 7-$350 AMVETS 2415
Property 8-$350 Chippie's
Silhouette 2-$300 Higginbotham Co
Property 9-$400 HOLD
"A" Card Space 2  
Property 10-$400 Pinto's Lounge
Property 11-$400 Glozz Garage Detailing
Free Space-$400 HOLD
Property 12-$450 Patrick’s Pub



"B" Card Space 2  
Property 13-$450 PSJ Pharmacy
Property 14-$450 PSJ Cellar
Silhouette 3-$300 Higginbotham Co
Property 15-$500 Parrish Healthcare
Property 16-$500 Parrish Healthcare
Utility 2-$350 Freedom Plumb
Property 17-$500 Parrish Healthcare
Go To Penalty Brigdawg's
Property 18-$550  
Property 19-$550  
"A" Card Space 3  
Property 20-$550 HOLD
Silhouette 4-$300 Higginbotham Co
Property 21-$700  
"B" Card Space 3  
Car Fine Space-$150 Rose Padrick
Property 22-$1,000 Hell's Bay Boatworks


Name of Company :

Person of Contact:





Board Identification Number:

Property Price:

Payment Method:
Please let us know what payment method you will be using. You may use the PayPal Donate button or any of the other methods named below or send a check to the mailing address in our contact section..


Questions or Comments:

You may pay for your spot with a Paypal Donation.

You may also use these applications for payment donations:


If you would prefer to download a PORTSTJONOPOLY Application to purchase a space, download the application and follow the instructions.

Download Application


Please note this board is for selling spaces and not what the final product will look like when graphics have been added.


Submitting Logo Artwork for Printing:

Late for the Sky recommended format for submitting artwork is a vector version. You will be contacted after purchasing your spot for artwork submission.
If you have any questions please contact

Contact Us

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Please let us know below and we will be in contact.

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Port St John Community Foundation
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