2020 Port St John Christmas Parade
Our Unsung Hometown Heroes - This Year’s Christmas Parade Grand Marshals

Saturday, December 19th, 2020
11am - Fay Boulevard

Thank you to all our Unsung Heroes who kept our homes and families provided for during this crazy year and pandemic. If you are a member of first responders, health care workers, teachers, grocery store, convenience store and department store workers, auto and home repair workers of all types, restaurant and food service workers, or any other group who stayed on the line and kept working to provide materials and services  for  families  to  continue  on  with  their  home lives, you’re invited to join us and participate in the 2020 Port St. John Christmas Parade as our Grand Marshals.

You can walk and be seen by your friends and neighbors, or if you think the 1.1 mile walk it too long, you can ride.  The parade moves at the speed of the parade banner that is carried at the front of the parade, so power walking will not be necessary.  We will have as many trucks as we can round up to help those who need a ride, or you may bring a group and ride in your own vehicle.  Our vehicles will be first come, first served, but people with ambulatory challenges will still take priority. Because space is very limited in the Challenger 7 playground where we stage, we will always stage  our  Christmas  parade.  Also, Challenger 7 locks the gates after Santa leaves staging, so cars could potentially get locked in. This year we are adding Fay Park just for staging our Unsung Hometown Heroes. There is a lot of additional parking and you will be able to leave your vehicle as you participate in the parade.


Grand Marshal Unsung Heroes Entry Form

We  would  like  to  have  an  idea  how  much  space we will need, so if you wish to participate, please  fill out the form below.


Full Name:




Driving or Walking?

Group? How many?


If you have any questions please email
Donna Nero @ mrsemp@yahoo.com, or call 321.698.9545.

If you would like, download the form at the link below, fill out and email to mrsemp@yahoo.com

PSJ Christmas Parade Unsung Heroes Entry Form

If you would like to donate to The PSJC Christmas Parade
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Port St John Community Foundation it is much appreciated
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